Colin Cowherd Blazing Five And Cousin Sal Picks For 2015 NFL Week 5

Updates with results (10/11/2015 5:00 pm)

Here’s Colin Cowherd’s week 5 NFL Blazing Five Picks.  As usual, he sounds pretty damn confident about these picks.  Colin is going ROAD heavy this week, that always smell like sucker bets.  We’ll see…

2015 NFL Week 5 Colin Cowherd’s Blazing Five:

[Loser] Buffalo (-2.5) @ Tennessee – Bills have an explosive offensive this year bejomd Tyrod Talyor.  Believe it or not, they have the most plays of 20 yards or more this season in the NFL

[Winner] Cleveland (+6.5) @ Baltimore – Ravens are really hurt by injury this week, including Steve Smith Jr out with 4 broken ribs

[Winner] Arizona (-2.5) @ Detroit – Cardinals better players and coaches up and down the roster including Palmer > Stafford at this point

[Loser] Seattle (+2.5) @ Cincinnati – Bengals had easy road so far, only trailed for total of 2 minutes entire season, they will be tested this week

[Loser] St. Louis (+10) @ Green Bay – formula to beat a team with great QB is to have great pass rushers and great ground game, Colin is counting on Rams’ 17 sacks this season and Gurley to cover this

Cousin Sal’s Best Bet 2015 NFL week 5

Cousin Sal did it again last week, he’s just absolutely killing it with his best bets, and going 2-1 last week overall.

Just to recap, he ended last season 6-0 on his best bets, and so far 3-1 on the season in 2015.  Not too shabby for Bill Simmons’ sidekick.

Best Bet:

[Winner] St. Louis at Green Bay (-9):  Uh-oh, we have a problem here.  Do we go with Colin or Sal here??


[Loser] New Orleans (+5.5) at Philadelphia

[Winner] Arizona (-3) at Detroit

Sounds like we should be slamming the Cardinals this week!

6 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd Blazing Five And Cousin Sal Picks For 2015 NFL Week 5”

  1. Colin,

    It’s great to have the Blazing Five back. Plus, I was happy to find your Fox Sports podcast. I’m a long time listener who was quite upset when you went off the air. Overall, things could’ve been handled much better. I’m retired active duty USAF and have a degree in Psychology. My wife also enjoys your show and perspective. I hope you can find that magic with the Blazing Five you had a few years back. We just got back from Vegas last week. My wife and I really had a good Sun/Mon; going a combined 13/17 ATS. Unfortunately, we’re rather conservative with betting. Either way, the sports book is the place to be. We hope the Herd has a long run left….

  2. “Uh-oh, we have a problem here. Do we go with Colin or Sal here?” LMAO I was thinking the SAME thing! I’m going with Sal!

  3. thank you for listing the Colin Cowherd Blazin’ Five picks. trying to sort thru his Fox Sports page is a pain as is having to listen to all his BS just to get the picks once you find the podcast

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