Cousin Sal 2015-2016 NFL Playoffs Super Bowl 50 Pick On ESPN Sports Center

Cousin had a smoking hot season on his best bets this season, but this !#@$#% guy cost us dearly in the Conference Championship round, losing both picks. Ouch!  Let’s see if he can redeem himself with a winner in the last game of the year.



Denver (+6) vs Carolina – Whoa! Cousin Sal going against the public..and against Colin!  Too many points to give up.  Wade Phillips will find a way to keep Cam Newton in check.  Manning plays mistake free football, and look for CJ Anderson to have a big game.  As a side note, Cousin Sal’s buddy is taking Carolina, who is a terrible gambler, so there you go, Cousin Sal’s reason for taking Denver…yikes!

Super Bowl 50 Prop bets


Yes on “Will either team score 3 straight times” – this is the gimme of all the prop bets according to Cousin Sal, this prop was true on 6 of the last 7 Super Bowls.



Yes on First Score of game will be “any other TD” – this is essentially 2 bets in 1, since they are 2 of the same bets, take both teams as long shot to score any other TDs that’s scored on the defense or special teams.  There’s too many ball hawks on defense on both teams, including Von Miller, Luke Keuchley, Thomas Davis, or Ted Ginn the return specialist, there’s good value here as a long shot prop.

5 thoughts on “Cousin Sal 2015-2016 NFL Playoffs Super Bowl 50 Pick On ESPN Sports Center”

  1. Lets face it – if Sal wins this then we can seriously just stop looking at these predictions by Colin and Sal because Colin was right last week and Sal would be right this week in the end outlining what a crapshoot this is every week.

  2. Not really. Colin is the real crap shoot. He went 46-45 for the season based on my accounting. Whereas Cousin Sal is a solid 35-26. But it gets better. If you weighed his locks more valuable and play 3x on those, it gets even better at 65-38. Made a killing followed Cousin Sal… Oh, and if you played all his prop bets, he killed those too.

  3. Well, I stand corrected. Colin is actually more of a crap shoot than I thought. He is a coin-flipped 46-46, counting the Super Bowl.

  4. Finally, to drive home the point, during the season and play-offs, if Colin’s picks disagree with Cousin Sal’s pick, the result is 8-3 advantage Cousin Sal. That’s all folks…

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