Cousin Sal Picks on Against All Odds With Cousin Sal Podcast Episode 6 Recap

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Overall, the boys went 2-2 last week. Brian is on fire, hit his Game 1 under.  Harry also won his pick last week.  Darren lost his parlay. And Cousin Sal also lost his pick.

Cousin Sal Picks on Against All Odds Podcast

Cousin Sal Picks This week

  • Brian – Warriors at Cavs Game 3 Game Total Under 227.5 (-110)
  • Harry – Cavs first team to get to 20 points (-115)
  • Darren the parlay kid – 3 team parlay (+483)
    • Cavs over 11.5 three pointers (-120)
    • Warriors under 115.5 (-110)
    • Penguins game 5 (-150)
  • Cousin Sal – Warriors leading at half time and at the end of the game, basically parlay of Warriors 1H ML and Warriors ML.  The odds is -110, not sure why the odds would be this low if you parlayed the two.  Warriors 1H ML alone is -104.  So not sure what Cousin Sal’s got here.

By the way, for parlays that these degenerates love so much, you can easily calculate parlay odds by using our parlay calculator, enter up to 12 teams to quickly find out how much dough you’re going to win, and dream about how you’re going to spend all that money.

Listen to Cousin Sal’s Podcast

Obviously, don’t use this recap in lieu of listening to Cousin Sal’s hilarious and entertaining podcast.  This recap is just to keep track of their picks.  You guys can listen to the episode below:

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