Draftkings Million Dollar Winner 2017 NFL Week 8 Winning Lineup

No surprise the winner of this week’s Draftkings Million Dollar winner had multiple players from that shootout game between the Texans and Seahawks.  Who knew both of those defenses would get blown up like that.  6 of the 9 players on this roster was from that game.  And you see strategies like this very often, just load up on QB to WR combo, and Wilson distributed multiple TDs to 3 of those receivers in his lineup.  Great (lucky) strategy cubsfan333!  Congrats on the big bucks.

Draft Kings 2017 NFL Week 8 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup:

QBRussell Wilson11.10%        39.086,500
RBEzekiel Elliott16.00%        30.409,200
RBLeSean McCoy26.20%        32.308,700
WRWill Fuller V7.40%        32.505,300
WRTyler Lockett4.70%        20.904,100
WRPaul Richardson3.70%        31.504,000
TEJimmy Graham8.40%        19.904,600
FLEXLamar Miller3.80%        22.305,200
DSTCowboys8.00%        19.002,300