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100 Fun Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert has quickly become one of the top young QBs in the NFL. After a standout career at Oregon, Herbert was selected #6 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Chargers. He made an immediate impact as a rookie, passing for over 4,000 yards and 31 touchdowns.

Entering 2023, expectations are high for Justin Herbert to take another step forward and cement himself as a top 5 fantasy QB. If you are considering drafting Herbert for your fantasy team, you’ll need a creative team name to match his potential. Here are 100 fun, clever and cool Justin Herbert fantasy football team names for the 2023 season:

Here are the Justin Herbert fantasy football team names with emojis added:

Pop Culture Names

Herbie: Fully Loaded 🚗
Duck Tales: The Herbert Story 📚
Teenage Mutant Ninja Herbert 🐢
The Herbert Ultimatum 💣
From Herbert, With Love 💕
Justin and the Chocolate Factory 🍫
Herbert Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ⚔️
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Herbert 🧙‍♂️
Jurassic Herbert 🦖
The Fast and the Herbert 🏎️

NFL Themed Names

Bolt Up for Herbert ⚡️
Herbie Fully Charged ⚡️
Lightning Bolts ⚡️⚡️
Herbert Unchained 💪
Chargers Quarterback 🏈
SoCal Slinger 🏄‍♂️
Bolt Brother ⚡️
Jungle Joe 🦁
Herbert the Pervert 🙈
Magic Herbert ✨

Funny Names

Duck Duck Herbert 🦆
Hawaii Phive-O 🔫
Smokin’ Herb 🌿
Justin Time Delivery ⏱️
Herban Outfitters 🛒
Herbs and Flows 🌿
Herbert Hoover 🤓
Justin a Nutshell 🥜
No Justin No Peace ✌️
Peaches and Herbert 🍑

Player Name Puns

Ekeler My Heart ❤️
Keenan’s Herbert 🧃
Mike Will Get It Dunn 🏁
Allen Wrench for Herbert 🔧
Herbert Some Rivers 🌊
Austin and Justin 🤝
Palmer and Herbert 🤝
Herbie and Williams 🤝
Herbert and Henry 🤝
Herbert and Allen 🤝

Short and Sweet

Herb SZN 🌿
Just Win Herbert 🏆
Bolt Brother ⚡️
JoboCop 👮
Lightning Rod ⚡️
Herbie 🏈
Herbo 🏈
Herbie MVP 🏆
Purple Reign 💜
Fear the ‘Stache 😱

NFL Rivals

Pound the Chiefs ⚔️
Bolt Past Brady 💨
Zap the Raiders ⚡️
Jolt the Cowboys ⚡️
Shock the 49ers ⚡️
Sting the Rams 🐝
Zing the Broncos 💥
Singe the Seahawks 🔥
Sizzle the Cardinals 🔥
Simmer the Steelers 🍳

College References

Quack Quack Mother Ducker 🦆
Flying Ducks 🦆
Webfooted Wonders 🦆
Oregon’s Golden Child 🏆
Eugene’s Finest 💯
Pac-12 Prodigy 🏈
Duck Destiny 🦆
Quack Back Jack 🦆
Mallard Mayhem 🦆
Mighty Duck Dynasty 🦆

Justin Herbert Puns

Justin Thyme ⏱️
Justin the Nick of Thyme ⏱️
Justin Time for Victory 🏆
Justin it to Win It 🏆
No Just Causes 🚫
All’s Justin Love and Football ❤️🏈
Justin Case of Victory 🏆
Injustice for All Who Face Justin 😤
No Time Like the Justin ⏰
Justin it For the Team 🏈

Chargers References

Bolts of Lightning ⚡️⚡️
Charging to Glory 🏆
Power Surge 🔋
Shock the System ⚡️
Bolt Brothers ⚡️⚡️
Surgin’ Chargers 🔋
Light ‘Em Up Bolts ⚡️
Thunder and Lightning 🌩️
Powder Blue Power 💙
Boltin’ into First 🥇

Cool and Clever

Air Herbert ✈️
Herbies and Spices 🧂
Smokin’ Herb 🌿
Purple Reign 💜
Herbie Goes Bananas 🍌
Herbert Hoover 🧹
Justin Sane 😜
Rainbow Herbert 🌈
Herbie Hancock 🎹
Lemon Herbert 🍋

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