NBA Offseason Developments

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The Build Up

 It is currently the NBA offseason, and while many may feel that this is a time where there is no interesting action, nothing could be further from the truth. The offseason is when many teams start making their biggest moves. It is during this time that all of the developments occur that will impact the season and decide who makes it to the championship games.

In only a month’s time teams will be returning to training camp. Before this happens, teams have a very short window to solidify their roster. This means drafting, trading, and swapping positions to fully understand their starting line-up. So in reality, the offseason climate can be just as exciting as the NBA season itself.

The Big Bet

 One of the reasons that there is so much interest in preseason developments is for those who enjoy sports betting. This is a fun hobby and pastime that can be quite profitable if done properly. Sports betting is particularly popular in Canada, and NBA betting is common and can be very lucrative.  That is why many sports betting Canadians keep a close eye on what happens during the NBA preseason. Just one article or factoid can help them get the edge they need to profit from a big bet. That is why it is such a good idea to stay current with all the latest developments.

The Latest

 It can be hard to find a trustworthy and quickly updated NBA news site to get all of your information. It can also take many hours of research just to learn a few things. That is why we put together a quick summary of some of the latest NBA offseason news below:

Celtics Battle for Anthony Davis – There has been a lot of speculation for a while about the Celtics looking to get Anthony Davis on their squad. It seems that speculation may have some merit, and even be coming to fruition. That is because the Celtics are likely to make a move for Anthony Davis through a trade next summer. However, this move may be contested by the Golden State Warriors, who also would like to acquire Davis if Durant becomes a free agent. An article from The Athletic stated that Davis was Golden State’s biggest target. So it will be interesting to see how this battle pans out.

Kawhi Leonard – The Toronto Raptors have been hunting and hoping to get Kawhi Leonard to re-sign with them for 2019. They even went so far as to hire The Spurs own Jeremy Castleberry to help do it. However, even after all of that, it seems Leonard has his heart set on LA, where he hopes to become a member of either the Lakers or the Clippers squad. While Leonard is already traded onto the Raptors for now, many are interested to see where he will be going in 2019. For now it seems that he has no other desire than to head back to his home of LA and play for one of his long time favorite teams.

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