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NBA Playoffs 2017 Second Round Picks 2017-05-12

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What a crappy elimination game. Maybe Harden doesn’t deserve the MVP.

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NBA Playoffs 2017 Top Pick of the Day

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Team Spread Units
Boston Celtics 5 1



No significant injuries for this game.

3 thoughts on “NBA Playoffs 2017 Second Round Picks 2017-05-12”

  1. is there a pick for nba today? What is the deal with the UFC lines? Have they changed too much to buy the package now?

  2. Hey Scott.

    No game today buddy. Game 7 for Bos vs Was tomorrow, then onto conference finals.

    UFC lines did move a bit but not too much. The picks have been on fire. Ben really likes his picks today, he’s been looking forward to today for a long time.

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