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NHL Playoff Eastern Conference Finals Prediction 2017-05-15

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Got ourselves another win yesterday with the Ducks coming back from behind, about time we catch a break on these comebacks. By the way, Cousin Sal hit the nail on the head on these live bet scenarios, he mentioned in the playoffs how odds are completely ridiculously high for teams down 2 goals, probably would have gotten somewhere around +300 to +400 live betting when Ducks were down 2-0 early…oh and if you think live betting is for complete degenerates…then welcome to EvenYourOdds.com.

2017 NHL Playoff Record

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NHL Playoffs 2017 Top Pick of the Day

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This is strictly a value play, the odds are way too high, perhaps Ottawa +1.5 might be a better play here, usually prefer straight ML for hockey.

Pick Spread Odds  Risk To Win
Ottawa ML 190 1.58 3



No significant injuries this game.

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