Mastering Double Sided Wagers on FanDuel for Surefire Profits

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Ever wondered about the ins and outs of FanDuel’s double-sided wager? You’re in the right place. This innovative betting option is changing the game for sports enthusiasts across the board.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this. We’re here to break it down for you. It’s all about placing bets on both sides of an event. Sounds tricky? Not really. We’ll guide you through the process, making it as simple as pie.

This isn’t just about understanding a new betting term. It’s about expanding your wagering strategy, giving you more ways to win. So, let’s dive right in and explore the exciting world of FanDuel’s double-sided wagers.

What is a Double-Sided Wager?

So, you’re eager to dive into the fast-paced, thrilling world of FanDuel’s double-sided wagers? Well, you’re at just the right place. Broadly speaking, a double-sided wager offers you a chance to place bets on both teams involved in an event. It’s a wager where both win possibilities are covered. This innovative approach to betting isn’t just about chancing your luck; it’s about maximizing your opportunities to profit, turning the game of betting into a skill.

You see, with double-sided wagers, you’re not only betting on the event outcome but also capitalizing on the different odds offered for each side. In a typical head-to-head situation in a football game, for example, you could place a bet on Team A to win and a separate bet on Team B to prevail. Sounds like an entirely new turf to conventional wagering strategies, right?

Let’s get a tad more specific. Suppose Team A and Team B are playing a game, and you decide to place a $100 bet on each side. If Team A’s odds to win are -110 and Team B’s odds are also -110, here’s how the payouts could stack up.

Team Bet Amount Odds Potential Payout
A $100 -110 $190.91
B $100 -110 $190.91

Note: this table is a hypothetical example based on common betting lines. While the payoffs may look similar, the real-world odds can fluctuate, creating dynamic payoff potential for you.

So you see, rocking a double-sided wager isn’t about hedging your bets in the usual sense. Instead, you’re strategically leveraging the system, looking for that sweet spot where your potential winnings from either side could exceed your total wagers. It’s a game of balance with the aim of making the most out of every sporting event without putting all your eggs in one basket.

How Does a Double-Sided Wager Work?

Understanding double-sided wagers involves knowing the ins and outs of betting norms. So how does it work? Breaking this process down into easy-to-follow steps will help clarify your betting strategy.

Step 1: Find Your Game
Begin by identifying your preferred sporting event on FanDuel’s platform. The leagues tend to range from the NFL and NBA to European soccer and more.

Step 2: Study the Odds
The next task is to analyze the odds. These aren’t the same for both sides of a match. For instance, if Team A has odds of 2.1 and Team B odds of 1.8, you can spot a clear difference.

Step 3: Place Your Bets
You’ll then place your bets on both teams, exploiting the odds variation to maximize your gain. In an ideal scenario, the winning sum will exceed your initial stake, regardless of the match result. Here’s a simplified scenario to demonstrate:

Team Odds Bet Amount Potential Payout
A 2.1 $30 $63
B 1.8 $30 $54

In this case, even if you lose one bet, you’re still guaranteed a return on the other, leaving you with at least a minimal profit. It’s all about “covering” your wagers.

Step 4: Minimize Your Risk
This is a key strategy with double-sided wagers. You’re not trying to predict the match outcome—instead, your aim is spreading the risk and securing a profit.

Bear in mind that double-sided wagering demands a keen sense for odds and potential outcomes. Understanding the betting world’s dynamics and seizing opportunities where others may not see them is key to this strategy’s success. Like all betting strategies, it requires patience, skill, and sometimes, a bit of luck.

Advantages of Double-Sided Wagers on FanDuel

Double-side wagering comes with several benefits that can significantly enhance your overall betting experience on FanDuel. Here are few advantages that you’ll find invaluable:

Reduction of Risk: The most notable benefit of this strategy is risk reduction. When you apply this betting approach, you’re essentially covering yourself by betting on both teams. Although it’s impossible to win both bets as they are placed on opposing teams, you are assured of a return on at least one bet, greatly mitigating your potential losses.

Exploitation of Odds Specials: In cases where odds specials are provided, double-sided wagering can be very beneficial. Often FanDuel will offer short term odds specials where they inflate the odds on certain markets. By wagering on both sides during such times, you can take advantage of these price fluctuations to yield a guaranteed profit, regardless of the match’s outcome.

Long Term Gains: While you might not hit the jackpot with any single bet, double-sided wagering on FanDuel could provide steady, albeit smaller, returns in the long run. Being consistent in betting and patient in waiting for the right odds can ensure you continually make profits, boosting your betting bankroll over time.

No Need for Expert Knowledge: Double-sided betting on FanDuel requires more of an understanding of odds dynamics than sports knowledge. So even if you’re not a sports expert, as long as you can recognize favorable odds, you can make solid profits from this betting strategy.

In a nutshell, double-sided wagering on FanDuel can offer you an effective risk management strategy, allows you to exploit lucrative odds specials, and offers you the potential for steady, long term financial gains with no need for expert sports knowledge. It’s a strategy worth considering if you’re interested in risk-minimized betting.

Tips for Making Successful Double-Sided Wagers

Having understood the core benefits of double-sided wagering on FanDuel, let’s explore how you can maximize these opportunities. Here are some top tips to enhance your double-sided wagering strategy.

First and foremost, always research and analyze the odds. The beauty of double-sided wagering lies in manipulating odd specials, rather than predicting game outcomes. Sharp, accurate odds-analysis is integral to success here. Use reliable online platforms to track ongoing odds, watch for fluctuations, and make informed choices.

Secondly, spread your risks. The advantage of double-sided wagers is their risk-aversion feature. To make the most of this feature, it’s wise to place your bets on multiple games rather than staking it all on one. This further dilutes your risk and enhances the chances of consistent, long-term gains.

Thirdly, remember to take advantage of the odds specials. FanDuel often has specials with odds that guarantee profit regardless of the game’s outcome if played correctly. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and seize them when they surface.

Finally, keep emotions at bay. It’s important to remember that double-sided wagering isn’t about the thrill of supporting your favorite team. Instead, it focuses on leveraging odds and strategic betting.

To summarize:

  1. Research & analyze the odds
  2. Spread your risks on multiple games
  3. Capitalize on odds specials
  4. Detach from emotions, focus on strategy

Remember, our primary focus here is managing our risk and taking advantage of guaranteed profit opportunities.

Examples of Double-Sided Wagers in Action

Advancing to the practical application, let’s delve into some real-world instances of double-sided wagers. It always helps to cement your understanding with specific examples, doesn’t it?

Take, for instance, a traditional NFL game, like the clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on February 2, 2020, at the Super Bowl LIV. The odds were -120 for the Chiefs and +120 for the 49ers. Here’s how you’d apply a double-sided wager:

  1. Place a $100 bet on both teams.
  2. If the Chiefs win, you’d get $183.33 back ($83.33 in profits).
  3. If the 49ers win, you’d get $220 back ($120 in profits).

As revealed, betting on both teams guaranteed a profit, irrespective of the final result.

Or let’s switch the scene to an NBA game, taking a match between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers in January 2020 as an example.

Team Wager Potential Return Potential Profit
Celtics $100 $210 $110
Lakers $100 $190 $90

Just like in our prior example, betting on both sides again results in profits. There’s no need to sweat out the final score!

By utilizing odds in this way, you have a unique advantage. The specifics may vary from game to game, but the concept remains constant. You have seen how it works in different scenarios, and it’s your turn to put it into play. Run the numbers, select your games, place those double-sided wagers on FanDuel, and prepare to reap the benefits. The wind of financial gains is already blowing your way. After all, knowledge is power when it comes to effectively managing your stakes in betting.


Understanding double-sided wagers is your ticket to a smarter betting strategy. It’s all about playing the odds and making informed decisions. You’ve seen how it works in NFL and NBA games, and how it can secure profits no matter the result. It’s a game-changer, turning the unpredictable world of sports betting into a calculated, strategic endeavor. Platforms like FanDuel are perfect for you to put this knowledge into action. Remember, it’s not just about the thrill of the game, it’s about making strategic moves to maximize your returns. So, take what you’ve learned, start exploring double-sided wagers, and see how this strategy can boost your betting game.

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