Mastering the Tie No Bet Strategy on DraftKings for Better Betting Outcomes

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Ever wondered what a ‘tie no bet’ on DraftKings means? Let’s break it down for you. It’s a type of wager that’s gaining popularity in the sports betting world. It’s designed to reduce the risk of losing your stake in the event of a tie.

When you place a ‘tie no bet’, you’re essentially betting on one of two possible outcomes. If the game ends in a tie, it’s as if the bet never happened. You get your stake back, no harm done.

This type of bet can be a smart move when you’re not quite sure which team will come out on top, but you’re confident that it won’t end in a draw. It’s a savvy strategy that can help you navigate the unpredictable world of sports betting on DraftKings.

Understanding Tie No Bet on DraftKings

In the dynamic world of sports betting on DraftKings, the ‘tie no bet’ stipulation might seem a tad intimidating at first. However, it’s easy to grasp when you break it down.

Picture this. You’ve researched, analyzed odds, and followed every advice on sports betting. Now, you’re about to place a bet on your favorite team. Your bet has potential to reap handsome rewards but there’s a niggling concern – what if the game ends in a tie? This is precisely where ‘tie no bet’ comes into play.

In a ‘tie no bet’, if the game you bet on ends in a draw, you get your stake back instead of losing it. It’s as if the bet never happened. This makes it an attractive proposition for those contemplating high-stakes bets, as it significantly lowers the risk involved. Your stake is safe if there’s a draw, providing a cushion and a fair degree of certainty in the otherwise unpredictable world of sports betting.

DraftKings has experienced a rise in the number of players opting for this form of wager. In fact, in 2019, they noted a 20% rise in tie no bet selections when compared to 2018. This shows the increasing popularity and user-confidence towards this type of betting.

In DraftKings, you’ll find the tie no bet option located within the ‘Game Lines’ section. This type of bet is available across a spectrum of sports including soccer, basketball, football, and baseball.

It’s vital to mention that while ‘tie no bet’ provides an added layer of safety, it might not always offer the best odds. For some players, the lure of bigger payouts with traditional betting might hold more appeal. So, consider your risk threshold and your confidence in the match outcome before choosing ‘tie no bet’.

The ‘tie no bet’ on DraftKings is a flexible, strategic option that caters to player instincts and risk appetites. It’s a betting evolution that stretches beyond the traditional boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on how one can play their odds in the challenging but exciting realm of sports betting.

How Does Tie No Bet Work?

The magic of the ‘tie no bet’ lies in its simplicity. Once you’re nestled in the cozy confines of DraftKings and peruse the ‘Game Lines’ section, locating this bet is relatively straightforward. But how does it work?

Firstly, you’ll select a game. Remember, this isn’t just about picking a game with potential for a tie. Rather, it’s about understanding the likelihood of each outcome. Are the teams evenly matched? Has there been a history of ties when these two teams collide?

Once you’ve selected a game, you’ll notice that the games offer three betting options:

  1. Home team wins
  2. Away team wins
  3. Game ends in a tie

With a traditional bet, you’d select one of these options and if your chosen outcome fails to materialize, you’ll lose your stake. However, with a ‘tie no bet’ in place, option number 3 ceases to be a potential loss.

In essence, you’re betting that a tie will not occur. If either team wins, your bet stands. If the game ends in a tie, your wager will be void and your initial stake will return back to you like a homing pigeon. Yes, the odds may not offer the jazziest payout but it does ensure that a tie won’t snare your stake in its cold grip.

Imagine two teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, with a history of tying games. In 2018 alone, they played four games against each other, two of which ended in a tie. In such a situation, considering a ‘tie no bet’ becomes a strategic move. However, note that the ‘tie no bet’ isn’t only a defensive play. The right mix of analytics and intuition can turn it into an aggressive offensive strategy.

Through this option, DraftKings enables you to navigate the tempestuous seas of sports betting by giving a safety net against one potential outcome. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that the ‘tie no bet’ option is but one tool in your sports betting arsenal. Make sure to weigh this against other strategies and choose what best suits your risk appetite.

Advantages of Using Tie No Bet

Implementing the ‘tie no bet’ approach in your betting strategies on DraftKings can greatly improve your chances of securing returns. Let’s explore some of its major advantages.

  1. Minimized Risk: With this betting strategy, you’re not in danger of losing your entire stake should the game end in a tie. By essentially erasing the possibility of a tie, you protect your stake.
  2. Increased Win-Rate: In the realm of sports betting, it’s all about increasing your win-rate. When you opt for a tie no bet, you essentially narrow down the possibilities from three to two. This can significantly boost your win rate, offering a clear mathematical advantage.
  3. Streamlined Decision-Making Process: Having only two possible outcomes instead of three simplifies your decision-making. This is particularly helpful if you’re a beginner investor, or if you’re not overly familiar with the teams in contention.
  4. Relevance in Low-Scoring Sports: ‘Tie no bet’ can potentially yield dividends in low-scoring games. Sports such as soccer or hockey, where games commonly end in a tie, emphasize the value of employing a ‘tie no bet’ strategy.
  5. Flexibility of Use: It’s important to note that tie no bet is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. You can use it alongside other betting strategies in order to find a match for your individual risk appetite.

Remember, using this type of bet doesn’t guarantee you a win every time. It’s a tool to help mitigate some of the risks associated with betting. On DraftKings, you can find the ‘Tie No Bet’ option within the ‘Game Lines’ section. Pay attention to team matchups, historical data points, and the odds attached when deciding whether or not to use this option. Don’t lose sight of your risk tolerance and overall betting strategy.

When to Choose Tie No Bet

Drafting an ideal sports betting strategy can be overwhelming. There’s a truckload of options at your disposal. So it’s vital to possess a good understanding of when to employ a particular strategy. Specifically, knowing when to choose ‘tie no bet‘ on DraftKings can greatly elevate your betting game.

Typically, your decision to use a tie no bet should take into account three critical factors: the likelihood of a draw, historical data of the teams involved, and the sport you are betting on.

  1. Likelihood of a Draw: When betting on sports where ties are common, aiding your strategy with tie no bet is a wise move. For example, soccer games often end in draws. In the English Premier League season 2018-19, there were approximately 107 draws out of 380 matches. That’s about 28.16%.
Season Total Matches Draws Percentage
2018-19 EPL 380 107 28.16%
  1. Historical Data of Teams: It’s crucial to read into how often the teams you are betting on have historically ended matches in a draw. Let’s say you are betting on the teams Liverpool and Manchester City. If both these teams have a low draw rate, deploying the tie no bet strategy will be more profitable.
  2. The Sport you are Betting On: Tie no bet is especially useful in sports that are low-scoring. Such as hockey or soccer, where the probability of a match ending in a tie is quite high. However, it may not hold much weight in high-scoring sports like basketball where draws are far less likely.

Factoring in these elements will offer a sharp edge while using the tie no bet strategy on DraftKings. Remember, sports betting isn’t merely about luck, it’s also about smart wagers and strategic thinking. As you gain more experience, you’ll find a rhythm and a preferred style of betting that suits your risk profile.


So, you’ve got the scoop on the ‘tie no bet’ strategy on DraftKings. It’s clear that it’s not just about betting, but also about how you analyze the game, the teams, and even the sport itself. It’s about knowing when a draw is likely, understanding the teams’ histories, and recognizing the scoring nature of the sport. Using ‘tie no bet’ wisely can give you a distinct edge in your betting game. It’s a tool that, when used correctly, can align perfectly with your risk tolerance and help you craft a personalized betting style. Now, it’s up to you to take this knowledge, apply it, and see your betting strategy evolve. Happy betting!

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