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5 Best Survivor Pool Picks for NFL Week 3 in 2023

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The NFL never ceases to amaze. Week 2 was filled with nail-biting finishes, surprising upsets, and teams making statements. The Eagles managed to come out on top against the Vikings, starting the week’s games. One of the most surprising developments was the Chiefs’ defense stepping up big time against the Jaguars. The Bengals, unfortunately, faced another divisional loss, pushing them to a 0-2 start.

In terms of individual performances, Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert had an impressive 121 yards with two touchdowns, showcasing Miami’s offensive prowess. Yet, the Dolphins weren’t just about the offense; their defense showcased significant improvement from Week 1. On the other side, the Patriots, despite Mac Jones’ efforts, struggled to find their footing and are now 0-2 for the first time since 2001.

Other notable games include the close match between the Ravens and Bengals, with Lamar Jackson proving his mettle once again. The Jets had a challenging game, with Zach Wilson throwing three interceptions against the Cowboys. Dallas, our survivor pick, indeed lived up to expectations with a comfortable win.

Grading Our Week 2 Survivor Pick: Dallas

Our pick for Week 2, the Dallas Cowboys, did not disappoint. Facing off against the Jets, the Cowboys showcased why they are considered Super Bowl contenders. Their defense, led by Micah Parsons, was the star of the show. With three sacks already this season and an impressive performance against New York, Dallas proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

Picks So Far:

We try to stick to home teams as much as possible, and do not believe in saving good teams for later. We’ll figure it out when we get there, many players save good teams and never get to the end of the season. By around week 10 we’ll start planning teams and look ahead for matchups in future weeks, but beginning of the season just keep the ball rolling.

  • Week 1: Baltimore
  • Week 2: Dallas
  • Week 3: Kansas City

This Week’s Spreads

  1. Dallas (-12.5) at Arizona
  2. Chicago at Kansas City (-12.5)
  3. N.Y. Giants at San Francisco (-11)
  4. Houston at Jacksonville (-9)
  5. Indianapolis at Baltimore (-8)
  6. Buffalo (-6.5) at Washington
  7. Denver at Miami (-6.5)
  8. Carolina at Seattle (-6.5)
  9. Philadelphia (-5) at Tampa Bay
  10. New England (-2.5) at N.Y. Jets
  11. Tennessee at Cleveland (-3.5)
  12. L.A. Rams at Cincinnati (-3)
  13. Atlanta at Detroit (-3)
  14. Pittsburgh at Las Vegas (-2.5)
  15. L.A. Chargers at Minnesota (-1)
  16. New Orleans at Green Bay (-1.5)

Survivor Pool Picks for NFL Week 3

1. Dallas (-12.5) at Arizona

Reason: Dallas’s defense has been nothing short of impressive, and against Arizona, they’ll look to maintain their dominance. With the momentum from their last win, Dallas seems poised for another victory.

Impact of Trevon Diggs’ Injury on Dallas’s Defense

The Dallas Cowboys have suffered a significant blow with the season-ending ACL injury to standout cornerback Trevon Diggs. This unexpected setback will challenge the team’s defensive depth, yet the Cowboys’ current momentum and adaptability make them a formidable contender. We’re still sticking with the Dallas pick despite this breaking news.

2. Chicago at Kansas City (-12.5)

Reason: The Chiefs, especially their defense, showed promise in Week 2. With Chicago struggling, especially in their passing game, Kansas City appears to have the upper hand.

3. N.Y. Giants at San Francisco (-11)

Reason: San Francisco’s running game has been one of the best, and against the Giants, they’ll look to exploit that strength. The Giants had a challenging game in Week 2, making the 49ers favorites in this matchup.

4. Houston at Jacksonville (-9)

Reason: Jacksonville, with a 9-point spread, is expected to have a comfortable game against Houston. The Texans had their challenges in Week 2, and Jacksonville will be looking to capitalize on those weaknesses.

5. Indianapolis at Baltimore (-8)

Reason: Lamar Jackson has been the star for the Ravens, and against Indianapolis, he’ll be the key player. With the Ravens’ recent victory against the Bengals, they have the momentum going into this game.

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