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Clay Travis College Football 2023 Week 11 Picks

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In his latest article, Clay Travis provides his college football picks for Week 11. Last week, Travis went 9-8, taking to his season tally to 60-58, which translates to a 51% winning percentage.

Clay Travis’ Week 11 College Football Picks

  • Virginia vs Louisville, under 51.5
  • Alabama vs Kentucky (+10.5)
  • Vanderbilt vs South Carolina, over 57.5
  • Michigan vs Penn State (+5.5)
  • Old Dominion vs Liberty, over 57.5
  • NC State vs Wake Forest, under 44.5
  • Rutgers vs Iowa, under 28.5
  • Florida vs LSU, over 63.5
  • Auburn vs Arkansas (-2.5)
  • Ole Miss (+11.5) vs Georgia
  • Mississippi State vs Texas A&M (-17.5), under 44.5
  • Tennessee vs Missouri, over 59.5
  • Duke (+10.5) vs North Carolina
  • Southern California vs Oregon, over 74.5

Virginia at Louisville, the under 51.5

Clay Travis picked the under 51.5 for the Virginia at Louisville game. His reasoning is based on the strength of Louisville’s defense, which has been dominating games. This comes as a surprise given Jeff Brohm’s offensive background. Additionally, he notes the weakness of the Virginia offense, anticipating a low-scoring game to start the college football weekend.

Alabama at Kentucky, +10.5

Travis believes that picking Kentucky at +10.5 against Alabama could make him look like a genius or an idiot. His rationale includes Kentucky’s decent defense and improved play by Devin Leary. He notes Alabama’s recent relaxed play against lesser teams and their lack of explosive talent at skill positions. He expects Kentucky to keep the game close, provided they avoid turnovers.

Vanderbilt at South Carolina, the over 57.5

Despite losing bets on Vanderbilt and South Carolina throughout the year, Travis is betting on the over 57.5 in their matchup. He expects Spencer Rattler to lead South Carolina’s offense to score over 35 points, while Vanderbilt’s offense should contribute over 20 points against South Carolina’s porous defense.

Michigan at Penn State, +5.5

Travis picks Penn State with a +5.5 spread against Michigan. He views this game as critical for Penn State and coach James Franklin, with the entire season hinging on this matchup. He believes Michigan’s dominance may be challenged for the first time this season in Happy Valley.

Old Dominion at Liberty, the over 57.5

For the Old Dominion at Liberty game, Travis is betting on the over 57.5. He highlights Liberty’s undefeated streak and high-scoring offense, as well as Old Dominion’s solid performance against strong competition. He expects a high-scoring game, particularly from Liberty.

NC State at Wake Forest, the under 44.5

Travis predicts the under 44.5 for the NC State at Wake Forest game. His simple rationale is based on both teams’ inability to score coupled with their solid defenses. He expects the total score to fall significantly short of the 44.5 line.

Rutgers at Iowa, the under 28.5

In the Rutgers at Iowa game, Travis is surprised by the low over/under of 28.5 but still chooses the under. He predicts a low-scoring game, likely dominated by Iowa, but with a total score that could fall well below the already low expected total.

Florida at LSU, the over 63.5

Travis expects a high-scoring affair in the Florida at LSU game, betting on the over 63.5. He predicts LSU scoring over 40 points against Florida, while also conceding over 24 points to the Gators, ensuring a total score that surpasses the over/under line comfortably.

Auburn at Arkansas, -2.5

In the Auburn at Arkansas game, Travis is betting on Arkansas with a -2.5 spread. His decision is based on the belief in Arkansas’ quarterback and overall team talent, despite their disappointing record. He expects Arkansas to secure a home victory.

Ole Miss at Georgia, +11.5

Travis picks Ole Miss with an +11.5 spread against Georgia. He comments on Lane Kiffin’s fearless approach, especially when Ole Miss has nothing to lose. He anticipates a close game where Ole Miss might have a chance to lead in the fourth quarter.

Mississippi State at Texas A&M, -17.5 and the under 44.5

Clay Travis is not confident in Mississippi State’s ability to score against Texas A&M’s defense, especially on the road. He foresees a game where Texas A&M dominates, leading to a low-scoring outcome. Despite normally favoring a blowout in such situations, he chooses to bet on an overall low-scoring game, predicting a scoreline like 31-3 in favor of Texas A&M. Hence, he picks Texas A&M with a -17.5 spread and the under 44.5.

Tennessee at Missouri, the over 59.5

Travis observes that the line has shifted from Missouri being favored by 1.5 to Tennessee by 1.5. He anticipates both teams struggling defensively, with Tennessee having difficulties against Missouri’s passing game and Missouri struggling to contain Tennessee’s running game. Expecting high scores from both sides, he predicts that the game will likely hinge on field goals or a defensive/special teams score. Thus, he chooses the over 59.5.

Duke +10.5 at North Carolina

In this matchup, Travis is impressed by Duke’s defensive consistency, which has managed to keep most opponents in check, except for Florida State. He questions the likelihood of UNC suddenly dominating, considering their own defensive issues and recent losses against lesser ACC opponents. Travis believes Duke will cover the spread, so he picks Duke with a +10.5 spread.

Southern California at Oregon, the over 74.5

For the Southern California at Oregon game, Travis is confident that Oregon will score heavily, predicting at least 50 points. The question, according to him, is whether USC can contribute 25 or more points. Believing they can, he sees this as a high-scoring affair and picks the over 74.5. This game is his second “blood bank guarantee” of the week, expecting a late Saturday celebration as the over hits.

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