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5 Best Survivor Pool Picks for NFL Week 10 in 2023

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Grading Our Week 9 Survivor Pick: Cleveland Browns

The selection of the Cleveland Browns in Week 9 was excellent. The Browns delivered a dominant performance against the Arizona Cardinals, shutting them out 27-0. By sticking to our strategy of picking home teams, we chose a team that not only won but also provided a comfortable margin of victory, eliminating any need to “sweat it out.”

Survivor Picks So Far

NFL Week 10 Spreads

  1. New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys (-16)
  2. Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills (-7.5)
  3. Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals (-7)
  4. San Francisco 49ers (-3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens (-6)
  6. Washington Commanders vs Seattle Seahawks (-6)
  7. New Orleans Saints (-2.5) vs Minnesota Vikings
  8. Atlanta Falcons (-2) vs Arizona Cardinals
  9. Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) vs New England Patriots
  10. Detroit Lions (-1.5) vs Los Angeles Chargers
  11. New York Jets (-1.5) vs Las Vegas Raiders
  12. Carolina Panthers vs Chicago Bears (-3.5)
  13. Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)
  14. Tennessee Titans vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

Week 10 Bye Teams

  • Chiefs
  • Rams
  • Dolphins
  • Eagles

Survivor Pool Picks for NFL Week 10

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys (-16)


The Dallas Cowboys have demonstrated strength against the Eagles, even in defeat, showing they can keep pace with the league’s best record. Their offense, despite some critical mistakes, indicates potential for high-scoring games. With a significant spread of -16, the expectation is that the Cowboys will not only win but dominate the Giants. The Giants, troubled by injuries and setbacks, especially with quarterback Daniel Jones’ knee injury, are likely to struggle. A coaching staff facing many challenges this season may not overcome the Cowboys’ momentum.

Key Factors for Cowboys Victory:

  1. Offensive Potential: Despite the end-game issues against the Eagles, the Cowboys’ offense has the capability to score big.
  2. Giants’ Quarterback Issues: With Daniel Jones out with a torn ACL, the Giants may lack the leadership and skill at the quarterback position to compete effectively.
  3. Cowboys’ Motivation: After a narrow loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys will be looking to assert dominance and regain their footing in the NFC East.

Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills (-7.5)


The Buffalo Bills, despite a recent loss to the Bengals, are poised to bounce back against the Broncos. With a -7.5 spread, the Bills are seen as clear favorites. The Bills’ main issue has been getting their offense going early, but they face a Broncos team that may not be able to exploit this weakness. The Bills’ running game, outside of Josh Allen, needs to improve, and this could be the game where they get it on track.

Key Factors for Bills Victory:

  1. Offensive Improvement: The Bills need to start fast and can use this game to fine-tune their offense.
  2. Defensive Capability: Buffalo’s defense can capitalize on any Broncos’ mistakes, given their performance even in tough games.
  3. Quarterback Strength: Josh Allen’s ability to make plays with his arm and legs gives the Bills a significant edge.

Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals (-7)


The Cincinnati Bengals are on a winning streak and their recent win over the Bills underscores their contender status. With a -7 spread, the Bengals are predicted to continue their winning ways against the Texans. Joe Burrow’s performance has been stellar, and he’s likely to capitalize on a Texans defense that has been permissive at times, despite the team’s overall improvement.

Key Factors for Bengals Victory:

  1. Momentum: On a four-game winning streak, the Bengals have the confidence and form to secure another victory.
  2. Quarterback Play: Joe Burrow’s recent form suggests he could have a significant impact against the Texans.
  3. Playoff Positioning: The Bengals are making a push for the playoffs and need to win against teams like the Texans to secure their spot.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens (-6)


The Baltimore Ravens are clear favorites with a -6 spread against the Browns. Their recent demolition of the Seahawks demonstrates their Super Bowl credentials. The Ravens’ ground game and defensive prowess, leading the league in sacks, will be a significant challenge for the Browns. Cleveland’s defense might be formidable, but the Ravens have the edge in offensive consistency.

Key Factors for Ravens Victory:

  1. Rushing Attack: The Ravens can dominate the game’s tempo with their strong running game.
  2. Defensive Dominance: Leading the league in sacks, they can disrupt the Browns’ offensive schemes.
  3. Super Bowl Contender Form: The Ravens are in top form, and this consistency gives them an edge over the Browns.

Washington Commanders vs Seattle Seahawks (-6)


The Seattle Seahawks, with a -6 spread, are expected to take the win against the Washington Commanders. Despite the Seahawks needing to “burn the tape” after a crushing defeat to the Ravens, they’re still tied for first in the NFC West. This indicates that they have been performing well overall and can be expected to bounce back. The Commanders have been inconsistent, though quarterback Sam Howell has shown promise. However, the Seahawks’ quarterback Geno Smith, despite recent turnover issues, has generally been reliable and is expected to lead a recovery from the previous loss.

Key Factors for Seahawks Victory:

  1. Bounce-Back Potential: The Seahawks have been a strong team this season and are likely to respond aggressively following a heavy defeat.
  2. Quarterback Play: Geno Smith’s overall solid performance this season suggests he can overcome recent mistakes and deliver against the Commanders.
  3. NFC West Standings: Tied for first place, the Seahawks are motivated to maintain or advance their position in the division.

The Seahawks’ ability to put their recent heavy loss behind them will be crucial. They have the offensive firepower and are facing a Commanders team that, while capable, has shown vulnerabilities, particularly in the inconsistency of quarterback play and defensive lapses. If the Seahawks can exploit these vulnerabilities and minimize turnovers, they are well-positioned for a victory.

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