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Clay Travis College Football 2023 Week 9 Picks

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Clay Travis had a challenging week last time, going 2-6, which brings his season record to an even 45-45. Undeterred, he’s back with 11 new picks for college football’s Week 9 and is eager to turn things around. For a more detailed look at his selections and reasoning, check out the full article on OutKick.

Clay Travis’ Week 9 College Football Picks

  • Oklahoma at Kansas +10
  • Indiana at Penn State -31.5
  • Virginia +18.5 at Miami
  • BYU +17.5 at Texas
  • South Carolina at Texas A&M -14
  • Duke at Louisville, The Under -46.5
  • Georgia at Florida +14.5 and The Over 48.5
  • Oregon at Utah, The Over 48.5
  • Tennessee -3.5 at Kentucky
  • Ohio State at Wisconsin +14.5

Oklahoma at Kansas +10

Kansas has had two weeks to prepare for Oklahoma after a tough loss to Oklahoma State. The Jayhawks will perform well at home and potentially even have a shot at beating Oklahoma.

Indiana at Penn State -31.5

Penn State to dominate Indiana, especially after their tough loss to Ohio State. He predicts that Penn State will score 45+ points, while Indiana might not score at all.

Virginia +18.5 at Miami

Another tight game for both Virginia and Miami. He notes that Miami hasn’t beaten a power five conference team by more than 15 points all year, and Virginia has been improving in their last three ACC games.

BYU +17.5 at Texas

Despite BYU’s tough schedule and recent losses, the spread is too steep. He thinks Texas’s new quarterback and offensive issues make BYU a good pick.

South Carolina at Texas A&M -14

Texas A&M’s defensive line as a significant advantage over South Carolina’s offensive line. He predicts a 35-14 win for the Aggies.

Duke at Louisville, The Under -46.5

Low-scoring game, predicting a final score of 17-13. He believes neither team has the ability to blow out the other.

Georgia at Florida +14.5 and The Over 48.5

Both teams will have some offensive success, predicting a 35-24 win for Georgia. He advises betting on Florida and the over.

Oregon at Utah, The Over 48.5

High-scoring game, predicting a final score of 31-27 in favor of the Ducks.

Tennessee -3.5 at Kentucky

Tennessee is the better team in almost every aspect and predicts a win by 10 points for the Vols.

Ohio State at Wisconsin +14.5

Line is too large for what he expects to be a low-scoring game. He picks Wisconsin for the cover.

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