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Colin Cowherd’s Week 3 Blazing 5 Picks

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 Blazing Five Picks


Colin had another rough week last week, going 1 win and 4 losses.  Bringing his season total to 2 wins to 8 losses.

Are his followers beginning to jump ship? I wouldn’t blame them. Colin has admitted himself on his radio show that be basically sucks this year. But in ture Colin fashion, he had to bring up his college football picks, how they are on fire this week. Who knows if that’s true or not, since those picks are no where to be found anywhere. He claims to be undefeated this year, though. Who knows.

Onto Colin’s Blazing 5 Week 3 NFL picks:

Giants (+1) at Panthers
Chargers (+3) at Titans
Rams (+4) at Cowboys
Packers (-2.5) at Bengals
Bills at Jets (-2.5)
Jaguars (+19.5) at Seahawks

Mostly road teams.  Very interesting.  On a side note, the Seahawks appear to be the overwhelming popular picks for this week’s survival football.  That should be a gimme.

3 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd’s Week 3 Blazing 5 Picks”

  1. Suspicious last play of Saturday’s game between Michigan and Michigan St. (10/17/15). Watched it over and over in slow motion and it looks to me, #12 O’Neill (punter), just before he gets hit, he let’s go of the ball, as if on purpose. Look at his right hand, he let’s go then gets hit on the right arm which knocks his right hand into the ball, propelling it away from him. Not Cool. I know, I sound like a conspiracy nut….but check it out and see if you don’t agree.

  2. Now realize what #12 was trying to do with the football when he let it go. When he dropped the ball just before being hit, he was making a last ditch effort to kick it away. So……NEVERMIND

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