What Does ‘Cash Out Suspended’ Mean on DraftKings Sportsbook?

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DraftKings Sportsbook offers bettors the useful option to cash out bets early for a portion of the potential payout. However, sometimes you may see your bet has the status “Cash Out Suspended” instead of the option to cash out. This can be confusing for bettors who rely on cashing out bets for risk management.

What is Cash Out on DraftKings Sportsbook?

Cash out allows you to settle a bet early and get a payout that is less than the total potential payout, depending on how the event unfolds after you placed your bet. The key benefit is you can lock in some winnings regardless of how the final score ends up.

With cash out, you can close out pre-game, live, future, and parlay bets on DraftKings Sportsbook before the outcome is decided. For example, if you bet on a team to win but it looks like they will lose, cashing out can get you partial winnings instead of losing your whole bet.

Cash out is extremely useful for securing profit if it looks like your bet will lose. It also gives you more control over managing your bankroll. Keep in mind that not all bets are eligible for cash out on DraftKings.

What Does “Cash Out Suspended” Mean on DraftKings?

When you see “Cash Out Suspended” on a DraftKings bet, it means the cash out option is temporarily unavailable for that wager at that moment.

There are a few common reasons why DraftKings Sportsbook suspends cash out:

  • The game is at a critical point where the odds could drastically change, like a big scoring play under review or overtime.
  • There is a technical issue delaying updated cash out values.
  • The cash out amount is very small or equals $0.
  • The bet uses a free bet and cash out value is lower than the free bet amount.
  • You already cashed the bet out once and it is no longer available.

The cash out suspension is usually temporary. The option often returns once the sportsbook has re-evaluated the risk after a pivotal moment in the game.

Why Does DraftKings Suspend Cash Out on Bets?

DraftKings has to balance offering cash outs while also protecting themselves in live betting. Suspending cash out allows them to limit risk in uncertain situations.

Some examples of when DraftKings will suspend cash outs:

  • During a key replay review that could change the game, like a touchdown being reviewed.
  • When a game goes to overtime and the odds shift drastically.
  • When scores change rapidly very late in a game, which their models may handle poorly.
  • On highly volatile live bets around injuries or momentum swings.
  • When their trading team needs to update cash out values quickly.

By briefly suspending cash out in these cases, DraftKings reduces exposure to unforeseen changes in the probabilities before their models can adapt.

Tips for Dealing With Cash Out Suspended

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you see the cash out suspended notice on DraftKings:

  • Don’t panic. Odds are good the option will return soon. Monitor cash out status regularly.
  • If cash out is suspended late in a game, prepare for the chance you may need to let the bet ride.
  • Consider hedging with a live bet on the opposite side if you want to lock in profit.
  • For parlays, look to cash out individual legs before outcomes become uncertain.
  • Make sure you understand why cash outs get suspended and the rationale behind it.

While frustrating, suspended cash outs are just part of managing risk on live betting. Being aware of when and why DraftKings suspends the option will help you make smarter in-game decisions.

Can You Still Win a Bet With Cash Out Suspended?

Yes, you can still win a bet that has the cash out suspended. The suspension only means the cash out option itself is temporarily unavailable, not that your bet is cancelled.

As long as your bet is still active and not graded as a loss, you will win the full payout if it ends up winning once the game finishes. Cash out being suspended has no impact on the actual results of your bet.

Just because cash out is not available does not mean your bet is automatically going to lose. Monitor the live score and wait for cash out to reopen to reassess your position.

In summary, cash out suspended is usually a temporary state on DraftKings and does not affect your bet itself. Be patient and keep watching the game flow to see if and when you can cash out your active wager.

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