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Best Defense to Start in 2015 NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football Fanduel Draft Kings

The Jets are going up against a banged up Houston Texans team, who lost their starting quarterback Brian Hoyer to a concussion, and had to finish the game with T.J. Yates on Monday Night Football.  Even though the Texans pulled off the upset win at Cincinnati, they won with their defense, the offense had trouble moving the ball throughout the game and could not get their star receiver DeAndre Hopkins on track all game.  The Jets have the #4 ranked defense in the league.  Expect them to keep the Texans in check this game.

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*Note: stats below are based on footballoutsiders.com’s DVOA analysis, be sure to check out their explanation on DVOA if you haven’t read about it before.

Best Defense to Start in 2015 NFL Week 11

Name DK Salary Matchup DVOA
Jets 3000 -28.3
Seahawks 4000 -27.8
Eagles 3100 -27.4
Broncos 3900 -27.1
Rams 3600 -15.7
Panthers 3400 -15.4
Bears 2000 -13.7
Ravens 2700 -12.9
Packers 3100 -10.5
Raiders 2600 -7.5
Buccaneers 2300 -6.8