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Scott Van Pelt 2023 Week 11 CFB WINNER$ Picks On ESPN Sports Center

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Last week, Scott Van Pelt managed a break even 3-3-1 record, bringing his season tally to a record of 40-42-2.

Scott Van Pelt Record

2023 Season: 40-42-2

Scott Van Pelt’s Week 11 College Football Picks:

  • Wyoming at UNLV – Wyoming +5.5
  • (3) Michigan at (10) Penn State – Penn St +4.5
  • Texas Tech at (16) Kansas – Texas Tech +4
  • (8) Alabama at Kentucky + Kentucky +11
  • Old Dominion at Liberty – ODU +13.5
  • NC State at Wake Forest – Wake Forest +2
  • Miami at (4) Florida State – Miami +14
  • (18) Utah at (5) Washington – Utah +9.5
  • (15) Oklahoma State at Central Florida – UCF +2.5
  • Stanford Steve’s pick

Stanford Steve Pick

(9) Mississippi at (2) Georgia – Over 58.5

Wyoming at UNLV (Wyoming +5.5)

Scott Van Pelt selects Wyoming with a +5.5 spread against UNLV. The rationale for this pick would be based on Wyoming’s performance metrics, historical data against UNLV, or current team dynamics that favor them to cover the spread.

(3) Michigan at (10) Penn State (Penn St +4.5)

Van Pelt picks Penn State with a +4.5 spread in their matchup against Michigan. His reasoning might hinge on Penn State’s home-field advantage, their defensive capabilities, or Michigan’s recent performance trends that suggest a closer game than the spread indicates.

Texas Tech at (16) Kansas (Texas Tech +4)

In the game between Texas Tech and Kansas, Van Pelt goes for Texas Tech with a +4 spread. His decision could be influenced by Texas Tech’s offensive prowess or Kansas’s recent form, which might make Texas Tech more likely to cover the spread.

(8) Alabama at Kentucky (Kentucky +11)

For the Alabama versus Kentucky game, Van Pelt chooses Kentucky with an +11 spread. He may consider Alabama’s recent games, where they haven’t covered similar spreads, or Kentucky’s strength in matching up against high-ranked teams.

Old Dominion at Liberty (ODU +13.5)

Van Pelt picks Old Dominion with a +13.5 spread against Liberty. He could be taking into account Old Dominion’s tenacity in games this season or Liberty’s performance against the spread in recent matchups.

NC State at Wake Forest (Wake Forest +2)

Choosing Wake Forest with a +2 spread against NC State, Van Pelt’s pick might be based on Wake Forest’s home-field performance or NC State’s road game statistics, suggesting a tight contest.

Miami at (4) Florida State (Miami +14)

For the Miami versus Florida State game, Van Pelt selects Miami with a +14 spread. His analysis likely includes Miami’s ability to compete in high-pressure games or Florida State’s record against the spread when favored by large margins.

(18) Utah at (5) Washington (Utah +9.5)

Van Pelt goes for Utah with a +9.5 spread against Washington. This pick could be predicated on Utah’s defensive record or Washington’s past difficulties in games where they are heavily favored.

(15) Oklahoma State at Central Florida (UCF +2.5)

In the Oklahoma State versus Central Florida game, Van Pelt’s pick is UCF with a +2.5 spread. He may believe that Central Florida’s offense can keep the game closer than the spread suggests, or that Oklahoma State might underperform away from home.

Stanford Steve Pick:

(9) Mississippi at (2) Georgia – Over 58.5

Stanford Steve predicts that the game between Mississippi and Georgia will go over 58.5 points. The rationale could be based on both teams’ high-scoring offenses, their previous matchups, or defensive vulnerabilities that could lead to a high-scoring affair.

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