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Best QB to Start in 2015 NFL Week 17 Fantasy Football Fanduel Draft Kings

Tom Brady’s going up against the 27th ranked defense in the league, and the Pats are playing for the #1 seed.  There’s certainly incentives to play the starters and do well.

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*Note: stats below are based on footballoutsiders.com’s DVOA analysis, be sure to check out their explanation on DVOA if you haven’t read about it before.

Best QB to Start in 2015 NFL Week 17

Name Salary GameInfo Matchup DVOA
Tom Brady 7400 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 48.3
Ben Roethlisberger 6900 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 45.1
Matt Ryan 5500 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 45
Carson Palmer 6500 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 29.6
Drew Brees 6700 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 28.4
Jay Cutler 5100 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 25.3
Ryan Fitzpatrick 5400 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 24.3
Kirk Cousins 5400 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 22.7