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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 15 Picks On Fox Sports

Colin’s completely stoked about his 3 week winning streak, all 3 winners covered comfortably throughout the games, calls his 3-2 week “on fire”.  Personally, I would say Cousin Sal’s 11-3 record is more “on fire”, but both are doing well late into the season.

Onto this week’s picks:




[winner] Atlanta (+3) at Jacksonville – NFL teams that get humiliated the week before almost always bounce back the following week.  Before last week, Atlanta kept their games very close. If they keep their turnovers down, they’re actually a good team, going 5-2 when then have 2 or less turnovers, and Jags defense does not create turnovers.  The Jags aren’t good enough to be giving up points.  Atlanta wins outright 33-30.


[winner] Carolina at New York (+5.5) – Carolina is the real deal, but they’re not playing for anything.  While the Giants are playing for their division and playing at home.  The stakes are simply bigger for the more desperate Giants team.  The Giants pass defense is terrible, but Panthers does not have the vertical passing game to take advantage of that weakness. Giants have their season on the line, Panthers win a close game by a field goal.


[loser] Denver (+6) at Pittsburgh – Denver put up a dud last week and Pittsburgh came off an emotional win last week against their division leader, Colin wants to go against that trend.  Denver defense is too good to be giving up 6 points this game, they simply don’t give up points in the first quarter, giving them fast starts and close close strong when 2nd half comeback is in order.  They also haven’t given up a 300 yard passer in last 16 games, no 100 yard rusher in last 11 games and lead the league in sacks.  Steelers have a banged up defense, but will probably will in a close game 28-27.


[winner] Green Bay (-3) at Oakland – This is Cousin Sal’s lock of the week.  The only favorite Colin is taking this week.  Oakland just came off their biggest win in 2 years, they’re due for a pull back, simply because they are a young team.  Oakland has a horrible pass defense to go up against Aaron Rodgers.  Green Bay does not make mistakes, last 2 seasons they led the league in least turnovers given up.  Packers are the more experienced team more on the line, Oakland are outclassed here, Packers swallow the points 33-21.


[loser] Chicago (+5.5) at Minnesota – Cousin Sal is also on this pick.  Strangely enough, Chicago is a better team on the road.  Cutler plays better on the road, going 4-2 and QB rating over 100.  These 2 teams play close games.  Viking defense is all banged up this week. Bears can ruin their rival’s season, and they will win outright 28-26.


  1. Once again if you remove Cousin Sal’s pick, Colin ends up at coin-toss 50/50. And this is true for the past several weeks.

  2. Very true Stanley, I’ve noticed it too. And Cousin Sal announces his pick one day before Colin, and Colin has included Sal’s picks every week for the last at least five, and only since then has he been breaking better than 50/50, and only because of Sal’s pick. Coincidence? for 5 weeks in a row? I dunno!

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