Fast Money Recap Final Trade Stock Picks On CNBC 01-08-2016

What a week, Dow fell over 1000 points this week.  Market was down 1% today, and it was one of the better performing days of the week.  Let’s pray for better days to come.

CNBC Fast Money Final Trades 01/08/2016


Tim Seymour – Buy Coca Cola (KO), trading at 41.51 as of close of 1/8/16.  Great company with high dividend, that’s how you play stocks conservatively in difficult times.


David Seaburg – Buy Bank of America (BAC), trading at 15.20 as of close of 1/8/2016.  Banks down 10% in last 7 days, time to buy.


Brian Kelly – Sell BlackRock (BLK), trading at 307.78 as of close 1/8/16. Brian thinks redemptions are coming due to the weak market, investors are running to cash.


Guy Adami – Buy Raytheon (RTN), closed at 121.79 as of end of closing 01/08/16.  Guy loving defense companies.