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Scouring for waiver wire pickups NFL week 2

What do you typically do to find your waiver wire pickups for the upcoming week?  Read roto news?  Listen to Matthew Berry podcasts?  For me, I prefer to quickly look through every single box score for the week.  Most people would find it annoying and tedious to click through 16 box scores, but it really isn’t that bad.  Really only takes about 15 second per box score to quickly look through the position players.  There’s no reason to look at any other players except the running backs and the receivers.

Intriguing Players From Week 1

  • Will Fuller
  • Quincy Enunwa
  • Terrelle Pryor
  • Tajae Sharpe
  • Tyrell Williams
  • Jeremy Kerley

To make your life easier, here’s all the box scores for NFL week 1 games.

2016 NFL Week 1 Box Scores


QB – Tyrod sticks out like a sore thumb here, wtf?  He had a few glory weeks last season.  Might be a long year for the bills.

RB – Forsett and West basically splitting carries, what a nightmare.  Looks like LeSean doesn’t have any backups to steal carries.

WR – Watkins has a huge injury concern.  Steve Smitth Jr. still getting tons of targets as a old man, impressive.  No real sleepers here.

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