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Stanford Steve and Chris “The Bear” Fallica 2017 College Football Week 1 Picks on ESPN Behind the Bets Podcast

And we’re back!  College football season is back baby!  This is one of our favorite podcasts for college football.  You won’t find two more entertaining and knowledgeable college football degenerates than Chris “The Bear” Fallica and Stanford Steve.

Besides the picks for week 1, which you can find below, here are the Bear’s and Stanford Steve’s final 4 playoff team picks.

The Bear Final Four Teams

  • Alabama (wins championship)
  • Clemson
  • Stanford
  • Ohio State (Michigan a close second for this spot)
    • Kansas State wins Big 12, but misses playoffs

Stanford Steve Final Four Teams

  • Alabama
  • Ohio State
  • Penn State (first time with two teams from the same conference)
  • Washington
    • Miami wins ACC, but misses playoffs
    • Texas wins Big 12, but misses playoffs

And here are their Week 1 CFB Picks…

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