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BenMR: UFC Fight Night 146 (Lewis vs dos Santos) – Saturday, March 9 + Boxing

 UPDATE: 11-4 on UFC plays last week baby!!! BenMR off to another rocking start of the year.

Felt so bad ass to have such a great week. 2 of my losses were complete idiotic fight IQ that caused it. Cody is so much talented than Pedro but got sucked into to a brawl becasue he couldn’t control his emotions. He’s seriusly dumb as a rock. Misha, as well. Not sure why he came out so aggressive like that. He should sized him up for a takedown which is what I was expecting. I had a 7 parlay where Misha was the only loser and it wouldve paid out 2000 to 1. What an ass. haha. On to the next!

  • UFC – 15 picks
  • Boxing -2 pick

Best of luck, all!


Upcoming UFC Event Detail

  • UFC Fight Night 146
  • Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019
  • City: Wichita, Kansas
  • Event Start Time: 5:00/2:00 PM ET/PT

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