BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-02-27 Picks

Who wants free money?  Crushed it again yesterday on the BenMR CBB picks yesterday, going 10-5 (22-13 overall).  Hop on the free money chu chu train before it runs away from ya!

here’s today’s BenMR free money picks:

Nc greens +2.5
Norfolk st +2.5
Samford +5.5
S Carolina upstate -4.5
Western Carolina -2
Arkansas state pk
Texas state -4
Baylor pk
Virginia tech pk

3 thoughts on “BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-02-27 Picks”

  1. Appreciate you giving picks but why embellish your record? You went 11-9 on Saturday, not 12-8 as you stated, and you went 9-6 on Sunday, not 10-5. It’s easy to document based on the listed spreads and results. Be honest BenMR!!

  2. Sorry you feel that way. I went thru Sundays plays .

    LaSalle, George mason, cincy, Wisconsin, USC

    Memphis, rider, st Peter, Fairfield, butler, wash st, monmouth, george wash/mason over, UAB , Detroit

    10-5 ???

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