BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-03-01 Picks

Yo…all I got to say is…time to get a bigger umbrella…

‘cuz we making it rain son!!

You guys were right about the snafu, can’t get the shady accounting past you guys, let’s just meet in the middle and call it 28-17 before yesterday…mmm kay?

5-2 free money Tuesday, taking us to 33-19 overall..mmm kay?

here’s today’s BenMR free money picks:

Northwestern -1
Michigan st +2
Richmond -1
St Francis -3
Nc st +8.5
Long island-3.5
Louisville -4
Utah st -4


St Louis +8
Kansas st +2


3 thoughts on “BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-03-01 Picks”

  1. Those last 2 weren’t posted as of 7PM ET. Would help to get them all in one post. Took all your original games and went 4-6 last night. Ouch

  2. Well, 6-6 ain’t great but I’ll take it. And if you are complaining about the last 2 picks not being up in time, well that not my bad. I posted them right when I put in my play so there was time.

    Remember, this is a FREE service’s so I do my best. But I have clients to cater to still. I have a pay service if you are interested.

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