Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 8 CFB WINNER$ Picks On ESPN Sports Center

SVP had a winning week last week, going 3-2, which puts him only 1 game under .500 for the season.  Not too shabby.

Stanford Steve’s pick North Carolina pick won outright.

SVP changed things up a bit this week.  He typically only take dogs for this segment, but today he picked two favorites, only because the lines for these two games make absolutely no sense, so of course he’s taking the favorite.  He think these two teams should easily be the dog.

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 8 College Football Picks (Season Record 18-19)


  • South Florida at Temple (+7)
  • Wisconsin at Iowa (+4.5)
  • Arkansas at Auburn (-10)
  • Syracuse at Boston College (-4.5)
  • TCU (+6) at West Virginia

Stanford Steve 2016 Week 8 College Football Pick


  • Wisconsin (-4.5) at Iowa – as you can see SVP’s pick above, going against the real SVP here.

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 7 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

All the degenerates’ favorite segment of the week, here’s a chance to relive your bad beats of the week, or just laugh at other people’s miseries over the weekend.

Another onside kick returned for TD bad beat this past week.  Ouch.

That Central Michigan game over bad beat is pretty damn hilarious (for the over backers of course).

Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 7 of CFB

ESPN College Gameday crew at in Madison, WI for the top 10 matchup between #2 Ohio st and #8 Wisconsin.


Bear’s Bank


  • New Mexico (+14) at Air Force
  • Virginia Tech at Syracuse (+20)
  • Northwestern (+6.5) at Michigan State

College Gameday Celebrity Guest Picker Today


Wresting legend Ric Flair was the celebrity picker today, he grew up in Wisconsin in his teenage years, and even made his debut as a wrestler in Wisconsin.  He was quoted in the past saying “I can’t stand Ohio State”


The Chainsmokers did not do too well last week on their picks.

David Pollack Pick


David Pollack is picking Ohio State to win this game.  Wisconsin offense simply won’t have enough.

Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Godspeed Buckeye fans…

img_5181 img_5182 img_5186

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 6 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

There were a tons of bad beats this past weekend.  Glorious wins for some…sucks to be on the other side.

Howcome those onside kick return for TD backdoor cover never happen for us huh?  Two touchdowns in 8 seconds because of that onside TD, pretty ridiculous.

The good ol’ 4th and 32 last second heeve hail mary, we always win those right? Piece of cake.

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 6 CFB WINNER$ Picks On ESPN Sports Center

What a week for SVP last week, his dogs were money.  SVP had a solid 4-1 week last week, which now puts him at a .500 record on the year.

Technically, Stanford Steve also hit his Penn St pick last week with a -2.5 line when Penn St won by 3, but I should point out most people in the world got -3 line for this game.

Let’s keep it rolling buddy.

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 6 College Football Picks


  • [loser] Army (+6) at Duke
  • [loser] Alabama at Arkansas (+14)
  • [loser] Michigan at Rutgers (+30)
  • [winner] Houston at Navy (+17)
  • [winner] Virginia Tech (+1.5) at North Carolina
  • [loser] onus pick Boise State at New Mexico (+17.5)

Stanford Steve 2016 Week 6 College Football Pick


  • [loser] Notre Dame (+2.5) at Stanford

Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 6 of CFB

Gameday showed up College Station today for the matchup between #9 Tennessee and #8 Texas A&M.

Bear’s Bank


  • Ball State (+12.5) at Central Michigan
  • FIU (+6) at UTEP
  • Washington State (+7) at Nerds

College Gameday Celebrity Guest Picker Today

Gameday crew getting hip, they had Chainsmokers picking this game. Not sure what’s the connection besides them performing at these colleges perhaps.

img_5093 img_5101 img_5105 img_5106 img_5109


Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Gameday celebrated Corso’s 20th year of headgear picks, he got a bit emotional after the tribute.

Godspeed A&M fans…


Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 5 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

The Sun Belt edition of Bad Beats is pretty atrocious (for the people that took the under). Just watch what happens, makes me sick and I didn’t even have action in that game.

Love how Urban Meyers just toyed with a decent D1 program.  Tough loss on that under.

Our Favorite Kicker Joey Julius Got Drilled by a Cheap Shot

Not Cool!

In case you missed it, the Penn St kicker has become a star over the last couple weeks because of his vicious hits on the kick returners.  Apparently, a freshman linebacker did not like the spotlight on the kicker, decided to drill the kicker with a cheap shot.

Boo you freshman linebacker Jaylen Waters!!

He got tossed from the game, but hope our boy Joey Orange Julius is OK from that hit, we need more highlight reels from him for the rest of this season!

Here’s the cheap shot hit…