EYO NFL Monday Night Football Teaser Of The Day 2017-12-25

Monday Night Football Moneyline Parlay Of The Day

2 Team 6.5 pt teaser -125

  • Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans – Houston Texans +8 (+6.5)
    • not even thinking twice about this, this is a steal of the century.  I get it…Steelers are a public team, people slam them whenever they get a chance, they have the stars and all the pro bowlers.  but what about missing AB this game…what about the fact Pitt has won by more than 6 points on the road exactly once the entire season.  they stink on the road, it doesn’t matter which NFL they play, they won’t win by more than 2 TDs this game. Steelers should win simply because it’s a must win to secure their playoff position?  ask Jags if that works.
  • Oakland Raiders v Philadelphia Eagles – Philadelphia Eagles -10 (+6.5)
    • don’t think too much into this one, it’s a large line, but Oakland has packed it in for the season.  Raiders playing in 20 degree night game in the East coast…good luck with that

9 thoughts on “EYO NFL Monday Night Football Teaser Of The Day 2017-12-25”

  1. the third string qb makes me nervous for houston. Hes been absolutely horrendous so far. I took them at +18 in a teaser last week and lost handily.

  2. I could see the steelers laying a stinker after the letdown at against NE though, so not sure your wrong just dont know if TJ yates can capitalize

  3. I ended up taking -1.5 and eagles -3.5 in a teaser , what a brilliant backdoor cover at the end of the game. Was eating christmas dinner and watching the last play under the table I started screaming so loud people thought i was dying lol.

  4. glorious win Sam! that’s the second time that happened this season, never seen it before this season

    this time though the TD only affected teasers, last time it flipped both the total and the game spread

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