Colin Cowherds Week 10 Blazing 5 Picks

Well..well..well, so what do we have here.  Did Colin actually register a winning week?  his second winning week of the year.  Congrats buddy. Colin was off to a great start, going 3-0 to start his picks, but unfortunately, the momentum fizzled, and he lost the last two.  The best weeks he’s picked this season was … Read more

Colin Cowherds Week 8 Blazing Five Picks

Poor Colin, continues to stink up the joint.  Another losing week, which makes 6 out of 7 losing weeks, and the only winning week he only went a modest 3-2. You know what to do…FADE!! Jets (+6.5) at Bengals Packers at Vikings (+9) Falcons (+2.5) at Cardinals Dolphins at Patriots (-6.5) Steelers (-2.5) at Raiders … Read more

Last Second Miracle Cover by Ohio State Against Northwestern Costs Vegas Books $7-10 Million Dollar Swing

If you took the Ohio State vs Northwestern game yesterday, there was an 80% chance you were popping bottles celebrating the miracle cover. In the last play of the game with Northwestern trailing 33-30, with the ball inside their own 10 yard line, Northwestern ran the desperation hook-and-ladder play. Of course the play rarely executes … Read more

Colin Cowherd’s Week 1 Blazing 5 Picks

As full of shit as Colin sounds sometimes, got to give him props for his picks last season. His record over the last three years are as followed: [table id=2 /] Notice the impressive 2012-2013 campaign. Here’s his weekly breakdown. [table id=3 /] Not sure how this compares to the Hilton Contest winner, but should … Read more