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Bill Simmons Week 6 Million Dollar Picks NFL 2023

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Bill Simmons is back with his million dollar picks for Week 6 of the NFL season. In this week’s picks, he focuses on 4 bets for 300k each on specific matchups he likes. Simmons also makes a couple of underdog parlays with big payouts, hoping to get back in the green.

Bill Simmons Picks 2023

Bill Simmons Week 6 Million Dollar Picks Summary

  • Texans (+1.5) vs Saints
  • Falcons (-2.5) vs Commanders
  • Raiders (-2.5) at Patriots
  • 2 Team Parlay (+103)
    • Seahawks (+10.5) at Bengals
    • Eagles 1H/Game at Jets
  • 2 Team Underdog Parlay (+1628)
    • Cardinals at Rams
    • Browns at 49ers Parlay

Bill Simmons Million Dollar Picks for NFL Week 6

Texans (+1.5) vs Saints

Simmons likes the Texans at home getting 1.5 points against the Saints. He thinks the Saints may be overrated after beating the Patriots, who make everyone look better than they are. He believes the Texans are well-coached under Lovie Smith and likes Davis Mills’ playmakers against the Saints defense.

Falcons (-2.5) vs Commanders

Simmons likes the Falcons at home laying 2.5 points against the Commanders. He believes in Desmond Ridder at home and thinks this Falcons team has improved. They won him over last week against the Texans. He expects them to win by at least a field goal.

Raiders (-2.5) at Patriots

Simmons is grabbing the Raiders minus 2.5 points on the road against the Patriots. He doesn’t see the Patriots turning their season around, and thinks they should be tanking at this point. Their offense is the worst in the league outside of the Giants. He likes the Raiders’ playmakers against the injured Patriots defense.

Two Team Parlay (+103)

  • Seahawks (+10.5) at Bengals
  • Eagles 1H/Game at Jets

Simmons is parlaying the Seahawks plus 10.5 points at the Bengals with the Eagles to win the 1st half and game against the Jets for +103 odds. He sees the Seahawks-Bengals matchup being close, with the Seahawks able to keep up offensively. He doesn’t envision any scenario where the Jets can beat the Eagles, especially with their injuries and poor defense.

Cardinals at Rams & Browns at 49ers Parlay (+1628)

Finally, Simmons makes a 25k underdog parlay on the Cardinals beating the Rams and the Browns upsetting the 49ers for +1628 odds. The Browns could pull off the upset with bad weather limiting the 49ers offense. The Cardinals have upset potential with their solid running game against the Rams defense.

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