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Bill Simmons Week 9 Million Dollar Picks NFL 2023

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In this week’s article on Bill Simmons’ NFL picks, we delve into his picks following a tough 1-4 run last week and an overall deficit of $1.93 million. Despite the setbacks, Simmons remains unfazed, ready to bounce back with insights from his favorite “degenerates.”

Now, let’s look at the picks he’s locked in for Week 9:

Bill Simmons Week 9 Million Dollar Picks Summary

  • Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers (+2.5)
  • Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons (-3.5)
  • Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5)
  • Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (-3)
  • New York Giants at Las Vegas Raiders (-1.5)

Bill Simmons Picks 2023

Bill Simmons Million Dollar Picks for NFL Week 9

Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers (+2.5)

Simmons, taking advice from his guest Chris Vernon, opts for the Panthers at +2.5 against the Colts. Vernon argues that the Panthers perform well at home and the Colts should not be favored against anybody, pointing out Indianapolis’ defensive struggles and the Panthers’ decent showing against the Texans. They conclude that while the Panthers may not be a standout team, they are positioned to cover the spread at home.

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons (-3.5)

Simmons is persuaded by Vernon’s logic that the Falcons, despite recent losses, are a solid pick at -3.5 against the Vikings. With Minnesota’s injury woes and Atlanta’s defensive strengths against the rush, Vernon believes the Falcons have the edge. Moreover, the uncertainty around the Vikings’ quarterback situation following injuries provides an additional reason to back Atlanta.

Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5)

Simmons expresses confidence in the Bengals at -1.5 against the Bills. He recalls their convincing win last week and suggests the Bengals might just have Buffalo’s number. Despite the advanced stats not fully backing the Bengals, Simmons feels they are undervalued and poised to outplay the Bills, who have been dealing with injuries.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

Despite Vernon’s reservations due to his allegiance to the Cowboys, Simmons picks the Eagles at -3. He notes the Eagles’ yet-to-be-seen best performance and their array of weapons, including AJ Brown. He is skeptical of the Cowboys’ capacity to contend with the Eagles’ defense and questions Dallas’ offensive reliability.

New York Giants at Las Vegas Raiders (-1.5)

Simmons selects the Raiders at -1.5 over the Giants, influenced by the ‘new coach theory’ and the energizing press conference from Antonio Pierce. He discusses the common sentiment among players who have worked with Josh McDaniels, anticipating a potential ‘revenge game’ against the former coach.

Below are two game Simmons ALMOST took…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Houston Texans (-3)

Simmons and Vernon decide not to place a bet on this game. They agree that it’s wise to see more from Davis Mills before trusting him with their money, despite the tempting situation for the Texans.

Los Angeles Chargers at New York Jets (+3.5)

The final discussion revolves around the Jets at +3.5 against the Chargers. Although it’s a Monday night game, Simmons is hesitant to bet on Zach Wilson, fearing a potential poor performance that would not be worth the risk. They eventually decide to skip betting on this matchup.

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