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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Week 4 NFL Picks 2023 On Fox Sports

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After finally getting his first winning week of the season at 3-2, Colin Cowherd triumphantly moves to an overall record of 3-11-1 on his Blazing 5 NFL picks. This monumental achievement has Cowherd feeling like he’s really turned the corner, as he makes his Blazing 5 picks for Week 4 action with his chest puffed out.

Blazing 5 Picks for Week 4:

  • Jaguars (-3) at Falcons
  • Dolphins at Bills (-3)
  • Bengals at Titans (+2.5)
  • Vikings (-4) at Panthers
  • Patriots (+6.5) at Cowboys
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Blazing 5 Record

2023 Season: 45-35-5

Past Records

  • 2023: 45-35-5 (56.3%)
  • 2022: 44-37-4 (54.3%)
  • 2021: 39-47 (45.3%)
  • 2020: 40-42-2 (48.8%)
  • 2019: 42-41-3 (50.6%)
  • 2018: 43-33-2 (57.7%)
  • 2017: 43-29-3 (59.7%)
  • 2016: 44-33-3 (57.1%)

Blazing 5 Picks for Week 18:

  1. Falcons vs Saints: Atlanta Falcons (+3)
  2. Seahawks vs Cardinals: Arizona Cardinals (+3)
  3. Bears vs Packers: Chicago Bears (+3)
  4. Eagles vs Giants: New York Giants (+5.5)
  5. Bills vs Dolphins: Buffalo Bills (-2.5)
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For Week 18 of the NFL, Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin’ Five” picks are:

  1. Falcons vs Saints
    • Pick: Atlanta Falcons (+3)
    • Prediction: Falcons win 24-23.
    • Rationale: Atlanta’s strong defense recently, including leading the league in sacks, and the Saints’ inability to defend the run and potential absence of Alvin Kamara.
  2. Seahawks vs Cardinals
    • Pick: Arizona Cardinals (+3)
    • Prediction: Cardinals win 27-24.
    • Rationale: Seattle’s declining defense, Kyler Murray’s improving performance, and Arizona’s motivation to win.
  3. Bears vs Packers
    • Pick: Chicago Bears (+3)
    • Prediction: Bears win 28-27.
    • Rationale: Chicago’s strong defense and offensive improvement, Green Bay’s defensive struggles, and the Packers’ recent unconvincing wins.
  4. Eagles vs Giants
    • Pick: New York Giants (+5.5)
    • Prediction: Giants win 27-26.
    • Rationale: Tyrod Taylor’s mistake-free play, the Giants’ recent decent performance, and the Eagles’ poor defense since week eight.
  5. Bills vs Dolphins
    • Pick: Buffalo Bills (-2.5)
    • Prediction: Bills win 33-27.
    • Rationale: Buffalo’s dominance over Miami, Josh Allen’s exceptional performance against the Dolphins, and Miami’s struggles against top teams.

Jaguars (-3) at Falcons

Cowherd is taking the Jaguars -3 because they play well in London, going 21-9 there over the years, and this is their 10th trip. Trevor Lawrence has graded well despite a bad Chiefs game, and the Falcons have no pass rush and a struggling offense. Cowherd predicts a 30-23 Jaguars win.

Dolphins at Bills (-3)

Cowherd is taking the Bills -3 because they have a top 3 offense and defense, can control the clock and limit Tua. Josh Allen has owned Miami and their defense is weak. He sees the Bills getting right in a 31-27 win.

Bengals at Titans (+2.5)

Cowherd takes the Titans +2.5 since coach Mike Vrabel is great as an underdog. The Bengals are struggling offensively on a short week, while Tennessee can pull the upset, 27-23.

Vikings (-4) at Panthers

Cowherd likes the Vikings -4 because despite being 0-3 they move the ball well but have fluky turnovers. Carolina has no perimeter playmakers for their QB. Minnesota wins 26-17.

Patriots (+6.5) at Cowboys

Cowherd takes the Patriots +6.5 in a potential low-scoring game. New England has a great defense to slow Dallas. With Dak Prescott struggling behind a banged up line, he sees a close Cowboys 27-23 win.

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