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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Week 2 NFL Picks 2023 On Fox Sports

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Colin Cowherd, known for his weekly NFL predictions, unfortunately started this season on a rocky note, going 0-5 in week 1. This means he lost all his picks, setting a challenging precedent for his upcoming selections.

Blazing 5 Record

2023 Season: 45-35-5

Past Records

  • 2023: 45-35-5 (56.3%)
  • 2022: 44-37-4 (54.3%)
  • 2021: 39-47 (45.3%)
  • 2020: 40-42-2 (48.8%)
  • 2019: 42-41-3 (50.6%)
  • 2018: 43-33-2 (57.7%)
  • 2017: 43-29-3 (59.7%)
  • 2016: 44-33-3 (57.1%)

Blazing 5 Picks for Week 18:

  1. Falcons vs Saints: Atlanta Falcons (+3)
  2. Seahawks vs Cardinals: Arizona Cardinals (+3)
  3. Bears vs Packers: Chicago Bears (+3)
  4. Eagles vs Giants: New York Giants (+5.5)
  5. Bills vs Dolphins: Buffalo Bills (-2.5)
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For Week 18 of the NFL, Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin’ Five” picks are:

  1. Falcons vs Saints
    • Pick: Atlanta Falcons (+3)
    • Prediction: Falcons win 24-23.
    • Rationale: Atlanta’s strong defense recently, including leading the league in sacks, and the Saints’ inability to defend the run and potential absence of Alvin Kamara.
  2. Seahawks vs Cardinals
    • Pick: Arizona Cardinals (+3)
    • Prediction: Cardinals win 27-24.
    • Rationale: Seattle’s declining defense, Kyler Murray’s improving performance, and Arizona’s motivation to win.
  3. Bears vs Packers
    • Pick: Chicago Bears (+3)
    • Prediction: Bears win 28-27.
    • Rationale: Chicago’s strong defense and offensive improvement, Green Bay’s defensive struggles, and the Packers’ recent unconvincing wins.
  4. Eagles vs Giants
    • Pick: New York Giants (+5.5)
    • Prediction: Giants win 27-26.
    • Rationale: Tyrod Taylor’s mistake-free play, the Giants’ recent decent performance, and the Eagles’ poor defense since week eight.
  5. Bills vs Dolphins
    • Pick: Buffalo Bills (-2.5)
    • Prediction: Bills win 33-27.
    • Rationale: Buffalo’s dominance over Miami, Josh Allen’s exceptional performance against the Dolphins, and Miami’s struggles against top teams.

Blazing 5 Picks for Week 2:

  • Bears vs. Buccaneers (Bears +2.5)
  • Giants vs. Cardinals (Giants -4.5)
  • Commanders vs. Broncos (Broncos -3.5)
  • Dolphins vs. Patriots (Patriots +3)
  • Saints vs. Panthers (Panthers +3)
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Bears vs. Buccaneers (Bears +2.5)

Colin feels that this is a crucial game for Chicago, as there’s a sense of urgency for Matt Eberflus and Justin Fields. He notes that Chicago was the top rushing offense last year, whereas Tampa Bay struggles in this area, putting more pressure on a potentially injured Baker Mayfield.

Given these factors and Tampa’s recent performance, he believes that the Bears have the advantage and will control the game.

Final Score: Bears 27, Buccaneers 23.

Giants vs. Cardinals (Giants -4.5)

Cowherd is confident in the Giants, especially after their past performances following a loss. Quarterback Daniel Jones has impressive stats post-loss, and the Giants have a strong running game.

The team doesn’t fare well against the Cowboys and Eagles, but they match up well against Arizona, who are relying on a backup quarterback.

Final Score: Giants 28, Cardinals 20.

Commanders vs. Broncos (Broncos -3.5)

Colin thinks Denver will win comfortably. He mentions Russell Wilson’s efficiency and the return of key players like Jerry Judy to the Broncos’ lineup.

The Commanders, on the other hand, just managed a win against Arizona and have struggled with their offensive line.

Final Score: Broncos 27, Commanders 20.

Dolphins vs. Patriots (Patriots +3)

This is Cowherd’s surprise pick of the week. Historically, the Patriots have a strong home record against the Dolphins, especially under Coach Belichick.

Despite Miami’s performance, they allowed significant yards in their previous game. With both teams missing their left tackles, Colin sees New England’s experience and coaching as a decisive advantage.

Final Score: Patriots 28, Dolphins 27.

Saints vs. Panthers (Panthers +3)

Carolina, in Colin’s view, performed better than Atlanta but suffered from turnovers. The Saints’ offense has been lacking, and the Panthers’ defense showed promise against Atlanta.

The fact that Carolina allowed Bryce Young to throw so many times indicates a strong trust in him. Given the Saints’ struggles and the Panthers’ potential, Cowherd predicts a win for Carolina.

Final Score: Panthers 26, Saints 24.

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